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Winnipeg Restaurant Supply

Whether you are setting up a new restaurant in Winnipeg with a professional kitchen or upgrading an existing one, commercial food equipment is essential. High-quality equipment from reputable brands can help ensure you outfit your kitchen for success.

Celco makes this process easy. We’re a leading Canada-wide distributor of professional kitchen equipment. We choose the best-designed and most reliable brands for you and offer superior quality products. On top of this, we add value with customized food consultation services, multiple inventory centres, and rapid access to parts and service.

If you own a commercial kitchen in Winnipeg, contact us at Celco for more information.

Why Choose Professional Equipment?

Kitchen equipment built for the home is often not suitable or safe for commercial spaces. Many features in professional equipment are built to withstand heavy use. For example, many commercial appliances have better and more powerful motors. They can handle large capacities and high volumes. Home appliances aren’t always as durable when it comes to withstanding commercial use.

On top of safety and efficiency, commercial restaurant equipment brings many benefits. This includes:

  • Increasing how much food your kitchen is able to prepare and serve.
  • Serving food faster without affecting taste, texture, or quality.
  • Holding warm and hot food items for longer.
  • Speeding up food prep, warming, and cooking times.
  • Improving customer satisfaction in your business.
  • Spending less time in the kitchen and more time with your customers.

Explore Your Options for Restaurant Equipment in Winnipeg

As you begin discovering equipment, it’s important to consider your specific needs. For example. The type of equipment you buy will depend on your menu. A sushi restaurant will need different food prep equipment compared to a bakery. Specialty restaurants like pizza parlours will also need unique items such as a pizza oven.

On top of your menu, be sure to consider your traffic and food volumes. For example, a commercial kitchen in a Winnipeg sports arena will see more customers in a day compared to a convenience store. The Celco team can help you select products that cater to your business’s specific needs.

Discover Celco’s Range of Products for Commercial Kitchen Supplies in Winnipeg

Microwaves and High-Speed Ovens

A commercial oven can make preparing, cooking, and warming food quick and easy. Instead of spending long hours at the stove, you can cook and heat food in a fraction of the time. Best of all, the taste and quality of your food won’t be compromised.

Food Storage and Holding

Our restaurant supply in Winnipeg also includes options to keep food hot or cold. You can indulge guests with fresh pizza, pastries, wings, or other items that are ready to serve. Choose from a range of heated display cabinets suited for your business. We also offer drink dispensers and merchandisers.

Kitchen Accessories

Our range of offerings also includes thermometers and dipping baskets to support your kitchen staff.

Equipment for Food Prep

Bring efficiency to your kitchen with professional supplies for food prep. Choose from mixers, steamers, food processors, and more items.

Other Supplies and Appliances

Supply your staff with more products in support of a professional kitchen. This includes toasters, dishwashers, broilers, hoods, and vent systems.

If you’re looking for commercial kitchen equipment in Winnipeg, contact us. Our team at Celco can provide you with more details on the above products, including pricing.

Connect with Celco for Food Service Equipment in Winnipeg

Celco has more than 45 years of experience as a distributor of foodservice equipment. We serve the restaurant equipment and institutional foodservice markets through a national dealer network.

You can rely on us for equipment that is backed by a service commitment warranty. We pride ourselves on quality products and exceptional service. On top of our value-added offerings, we also offer the best in customer service. The products we distribute are made by manufacturers that share this same commitment.

If you own a food service business in Winnipeg, we invite you to reach out to us. You can contact our team to learn more about restaurant supply near Winnipeg through Celco. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss your kitchen equipment needs



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