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High-Speed Ovens – Celcook by Pratica

When you are operating a large foodservice business in Canada, it is important to have equipment that helps make production more efficient. High-speed ovens are a powerful appliance that combines multiple cooking methods. Also known as rapid cook ovens, these provide faster cooking times than traditional ovens and grills without sacrificing taste or texture.

Commercial High-Speed Ovens

The addition of these ovens has made putting out food faster and more convenient. It has helped a lot of kitchens with the speed of service on food items that typically take longer to cook.

The rapid cooking feature is great for quick-service operations. Cafes and smaller kitchens in Canada often choose speed ovens because of their ease of use and compact construction.

Here are our various offerings by Practica:

High-Speed Ovens

The Chef Express rapid cook oven utilizes a combination of convection heat, high speed impinged air, bottom infrared, and precision microwave to reduce cook times by more than 80% with chef quality results. Chef Express ovens are equipped with a removable catalytic converter, which breaks down grease-laden vapours allowing for ventless operation. 1 Year Warranty.

Commercial high-speed ovens use a combination of cooking elements to reduce cook times by more than 80%. These cooking elements include:

  • Convection heat
  • High-speed impinged air
  • Bottom infrared
  • Precision microwave

These come with a removable catalytic converter that breaks down grease-filled vapours. This allows for ventless operation, which significantly limits emissions and saves energy.

Pizza Ovens

High-speed pizza ovens by Practica uses impinged air and infrared elements. Impinged air produces heat that is shot directly at and around the food items. This breaks up the cold air around the food and wraps it in hot air instead. This makes cooking times 50% faster than traditional pizza ovens.

These also have removable catalytic converters that provide ventless operations. High-speed pizza ovens are ideal for operators that require high-volume pizza output.


Commercial speed ovens can be used for multiple menu items. We offer various accessories, from solid cooking baskets to commercial grills that can cover your cooking needs:

  1. Commercial Paddle – for loading and unloading food items into your express oven
  2. Commercial Grills–double-sided speed grills. On one side, you have a commercial panini grill and flat pizza on the other
  3. Commercial Cooking Basket –to cook various food items in your express oven
  4. Commercial Baking Pans – aluminum cooking trays that come in different sizes for various functions
  5. Panini Plate–for even heating across the entire panini surface

High-Speed Ovens in Canada

Rapid speed ovens are an excellent supplement to your food service operation. Celco is your top provider for high-quality foodservice equipment in Canada. Whether you need a single oven or commercial high-speed grills and other accessories, we can help.

We are available for consultation regarding your various foodservice equipment needs. Contact us today or request a quote from our expert team members to get started!

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