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At Celco, we make it easy when it comes to choosing restaurant equipment in Kitchener. No matter your industry, we can help your commercial kitchen take care of business with products you can trust.

We recognize the need to stand outin the Kitchenerfoodservice industry. From fast-food chains to fine-dining restaurants, hotels, pubs, and more businesses, the market can be highly competitive. Your commercial kitchen equipment could be just the tactic that gives you an extra edge. Top products from trustworthy brands will equip your kitchen staff with the tools they need. Quality equipment and accessories will help them prepare, cook, and serve food quickly and efficiently so that your business stands out.

Choose Celco for Commercial Kitchen Supplies in Kitchener, ON

That’s where Celco comes in. We are a leading Canada-wide distributor of commercial food equipment.We serve the restaurant equipment and institutional foodservice markets through a national dealer network.

We make it simple when it comes to outfitting your professional kitchen in Kitchener with equipment and accessories. We choose products that are the best designed and most reliable to support success in your business. Whether you are outfitting a new commercial kitchen or upgrading an existing one, Celco has you covered.

Your Options for Restaurant Equipment in Kitchener

The Celco team is happy to work with your business, and they can offer support with Kitchener kitchen equipment in a variety of industries. You can find our products in many types of professional kitchens, and we have notable expertise in the healthcare market. This includes long-term-care facilities along with nursing and retirement homes.

We recognize that the varied industries we serve will have unique and specific needs when it comes torestaurant supply in Kitchener. That’s why we offer a range of products to support speed, productivity, and efficiency in yourKitchener commercial kitchen.

Our offerings include the following items:

Commercial ovens and microwaves:Defrost, heat, and cook food fast with commercial microwaves, speed ovens, and more restaurant ovens. With added cooking power, you can prepare food quickly and focus more time on your guests.

Heated and cold food storage: Keep food hot or cold and ready to serve with a range of equipment items. You’ll be prepared to serve menu items fast when food is available at the perfect temperature for waiting guests. Items include heated display cabinets, holding cabinets, chillers, freezers, and more items. To tempt guests with tasty treats, be sure to also consider drink dispensers and soft-serve machines.

Commercial restaurant equipmentfor food preparation:Choose from items and accessories that will support your kitchen staff with every task. This includes prep tables, stick mixers, food processors, and more items. If you need a small item such as a kitchen thermometer or mixer attachment, Celco can help with that too. We have inventory centres from coast to coast. With our warehouse network, we can help to eliminate the cost and delays that often come with small orders.

Don’t see the type of item you’re looking for in the above listings? Not to worry. We invite you to reach out to us to discuss your specific commercial kitchen needs.

Contact Celco for Restaurant Supply Near Kitchener

Our knowledgeableandexperienced sales personnel are ready to discuss your needs when it comes to foodservice equipment in Kitchener. They can offer support when it comes to selecting equipment that satisfies your professional kitchen’s exact requirements. Plus, we have authorized service representatives across Canada with technical expertise to assist you with your warranty and parts, and service needs.

If you’re ready to take the next steps and discuss the equipment needs for your Kitchener food service business, contact us.

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