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Restaurant Supply London

Are you opening a new restaurant in London? Or are you upgrading an existing establishment? No matter your situation, you likely have a lot on your plate. However, one task you cannot overlook is ensuring you have the correct commercial kitchen equipment.

With the right equipment, your kitchen staff will be equipped to prepare great-tasting food and serve guests fast. Tools that are high-quality and durable from trusted brands will set up your kitchen for success. In London, you can rely on Celco to make your selections easy.

A Trusted Choice for Commercial Kitchen Supplies in London, Ontario

London establishments looking to buy new equipment or upgrade existing items can put their trust in Celco. As a leading, Canada-wide distributor of commercial restaurant equipment, we have your company’s best interests in mind.

When it comes to selecting pieces for your business, you can rely on our team to assist. They will take time to understand the specifics that make up your establishment. With this knowledge and their expertise, they will support you in selecting the best designed and most reliable brands for your commercial kitchen. Plus, the range of products we offer at Celco is vast, to suit your most exact requirements.

To speak with our sales personnel, simply contact us to get started.

Why Choose Commercial Food Equipment?

Selecting kitchen equipment for your London establishment will support your many business needs.

Speed. With the right equipment on hand, your team will be well-equipped to prepare food quickly for waiting guests. For example, commercial microwave ovens are powerful, with cooking power that will heat and cook food fast.

Sales. Tempt guests with food that is fresh and ready to serve. Heated display cabinets will provide hot grab-and-go options for people on the move. In addition, items such as yogurt dispensers and soft serve machines will equally entice customers with cool treats to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Reliability. Robust London kitchen equipment can be trusted to support traffic in your establishment. Quality equipment that is designed for commercial use will withstand long hours and heavy usage. At Celco, we will help you select items specific for the volume in your business.

Your Options for Restaurant Equipment in London

At Celco, our sales personnel recognize that no two establishments are alike. The type of equipment that you need may be completely different than your closest competitor. That’s why we take the time to understand your needs specifically so we can support you in selecting the correct pieces of equipment.

Through a national dealer network, we’re able to serve the foodservice industry and its many markets. While we have notable expertise in the healthcare market, you can find our products in many other types of establishments. This includes fast-food chains, fine dining restaurants, gas stations, hotels, pubs, and more. No matter your market, our team will support you in selecting equipment to suit your business specifically.

Value-Added Restaurant Supply in London

On top of choosing the best designed and most reliable brands, we support our customers with a range of value-added services. This includes inventory centers from coast to coast in Canada. With this network, we’re able to eliminate delays and cost penalties that are often associated with small orders. So, if you’re looking for a smaller equipment item such as a mixer attachment or thermometer, we have you covered.

We also support our customers with a service network across the country. After-sales service and support are important, which is why we have authorized service representatives across Canada. With their expertise, you can rest easy knowing that your warranty and other parts and service will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Contact Celco for Food Service Equipment in London, Ontario

If you’re ready to get started in purchasing or upgrading your restaurant supply near London, choose Celco. We invite you to explore our price lists and contact our knowledgeable team to learn more.

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