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Restaurant Supply in Laval

Selecting commercial food equipment for your business in Laval is about to get easier. Thanks to the professional and friendly team at Celco, you can rely on us to make quality choices. As a leading Canada-wide distributor of commercial kitchen equipment, we choose the best-designed and most reliable brands. Premium quality products from brand-name lines will ensure your equipment suits the most exact needs of your business.

Choose Celco for Restaurant Equipment in Laval

Whether you are buying equipment for the grand opening of a new business or upgrading items in your existing establishment, you can rely on Celco’s experienced sales personnel to support you. Our knowledgeable team will take the time to learn more about your Laval business and the type or type(s) of products your kitchen needs.

We recognize that not every business will require the same pieces of equipment. While we have notable experiences in the healthcare market, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and nursing and retirement homes, our expertise doesn’t stop there. You can also find our products in fast-food chains, fine-dining restaurants, pubs, hotels, and many more establishments. With this wide-spanning experience, we’re well versed in the types of restaurant equipment in Laval that you may need. Simply reach out to us to discuss your requirements with our team.

Why Choose Commercial Kitchen Supplies in Laval?

With commercial restaurant equipment on hand, your business will be equipped for success. The durability of professional equipment is unmatched. Your Laval restaurant kitchen will be primed for efficiency with quality items on hand. The brands we distribute offer superior products that your business can rely on. So, in high-volume kitchens that demand quick service, your Laval kitchen equipment will be ready to deliver.

Your Options for Laval Restaurant Supply

Through our national dealer network at Celco, we’re able to serve restaurant equipment and institutional foodservice markets. We look forward, too, to supporting your Laval business with quality items for your professional kitchen.

Whether you need large appliances, smaller items, or even a simple accessory, we have your needs covered. Thanks to our inventory centers from coast to coast in Canada, you can rely on our warehouse network to eliminate the costs and delays that often come with small orders or truckloads from coast to coast.

Our food service equipment in Laval includes food preparation items such as commercial microwave ovens, prep tables, rotisseries, and much, much more. To tempt your guests with tasty treats, we also offer beverage dispensers, heated display cabinets, yogurt dispensers, soft serve machines, and other items.

However, this is just a small sampling of the items we offer. We invite you to explore our price lists for full details and reach out to our friendly team to discuss your company’s specific needs.

Quality Products and Exceptional Service

At Celco, we add value to the equipment we offer with customized food consultation service, rapid access to parts and service across Canada, and much more. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best in customer service, and our team takes pride in going the extra mile to support each customer. On top of this, we choose to distribute products made by manufacturers who are aligned with this commitment. You can rest easy knowing that our knowledgeable team has your company’s best interests in mind for restaurant supply near Laval.

We invite you to learn more about Celco and what sets us apart. You can also explore our brands and offerings through our price lists and discover our warranty commitment.

To speak with our Celco representatives to discuss your Laval kitchen’s specific needs, simply contact us to get started.

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