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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby

Commercial coolers are one of the most important items in any kitchen. Designed to keep food at the perfect temperature, they ensure your menu ingredients are kept fresh. Without proper freezing and refrigeration, many professional kitchens in restaurants, hotels, arenas, and other food-service businesses simply wouldn’t be able to serve food safely.

Consider the various types of commercial coolers below available from Celco for commercial kitchens in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby.

Types of Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Beverage Cooler

Most of these units are high capacity so they can hold many drinks and mixers for bars and restaurants. Some commercial beverage refrigerators offer front ventilation with a glass door so they can be mounted below a bar or counter. Others, such as wine bottle coolers, are top-loading so servers can easily access bottles.

Commercial Display Refrigerator

Designed to hold merchandise at the perfect temperature, commercial refrigeration can come in many sizes to fit each business. Glass doors make it easy for customers to grab their own items and for staff to monitor inventory levels. Like beverage coolers, they also have front ventilation so that they can sit flush against the wall.

Countertop Display Refrigerator

These coolers are designed for gas stations, cafés and other businesses where menu items need to be visible and fresh for patrons. Countertop display refrigerators use level or bent glass to display food at its best. Models include those with and without full glass covering to suit businesses with serving staff and those without.

Commercial Fridge

Fridges for professional kitchens come with a variety of options. This includes smaller units on wheels that can be moved about. These commercial fridge units are about the size of a home fridge but with heavy-duty power. They are ideal for back of the house or even in the bar area to hold items that servers need regularly without traveling to the kitchen each time.

Commercial Freezer

In addition to walk-in freezers, other options for professional kitchens include prep tables and back bar stations with a freezer beneath. They’re the ultimate space-saver and allow kitchen staff quick access to food. These commercial freezers include features such as wire shelving, glass doors and wheels.

Contact Celco for Commercial Refrigeration Products in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby

Celco provides food-service equipment for commercial kitchens across British Columbia and Canada. We supply a range of reliable and well-designed commercial refrigeration equipment from brands we trust. Our products and services are backed by our commitment warranty and promise of exceptional customer services.

When you order from Celco, you’ll also benefit from our custom food consulting services, inventory centres, and quick access to parts and service.

Contact us to learn about equipment options for your commercial kitchen including commercial display fridges and receive a free quote.



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