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Commercial Microwave Ovens in Edmonton, Calgary and Rocky View County

Commercial ovens are essential for professional kitchens. Whether you own a restaurant, café or another type of food-service business, you can speed up service in your kitchen with a powerful oven.

Professional kitchens in Alberta continue to turn to Celco to purchase a heavy-duty microwave oven, and other types of equipment. Our range of professional microwaves aims to streamline kitchen equipment, reduce cooking times and maintain food quality and taste.

Benefits of Commercial Microwaves

Microwaves built for home use won’t stack up in a commercial kitchen. Professional-grade microwaves from Celco are meant to serve modern, commercial kitchens and offer many benefits:

  • Safe for kitchen staff and customers
  • Long-lasting and built to withstand heavy use
  • Easy to program for your specific needs
  • Powerful with high-speed operation

Choosing a Commercial Microwave Oven for your Professional Kitchen

Celco’s range of microwaves are built for commercial use: you can serve food fast with quick heating. Best of all, our modern microwaves allow you to easily program specific procedures for defrosting, cooking and holding hundreds of food options.

If you need help choosing the best oven for your business, contact our Customer Service Representatives. We can help you select from the following categories of products:

Commercial Microwave Ovens

A commercial microwave oven will reduce cooking times without compromising your food’s quality or taste. For smaller professional kitchens that use microwave cooking less than 60 times a day, 1,000-watt microwave ovens are ideal to withstand regular usage.

Other Heavy-Duty Microwave Oven Options

Celco’s range of ovens also includes commercial pizza ovens, high-capacity microwaves, and high-speed ovens. All these options are designed for busy kitchens looking to prepare volumes of food fast without sacrificing quality.

Celco is Your Trusted Supplier for Commercial Ovens

At Celco, we supply commercial kitchen equipment to food-service businesses in Edmonton, Calgary and Rocky View County. Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty microwave oven or another piece of equipment, you can trust our range of top-quality products.

We’re committed to customer satisfaction. Our products are backed by a service commitment warranty so that we can ensure you’re happy with your purchases and support.

Contact us to learn more about improving your kitchen with professional-grade equipment.

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