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Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Ontario

Restaurant and food-services businesses across the Greater Toronto Area are turning to Celco to streamline their kitchens and improve the quality of prepared food. Celco’s wide range of food service equipment provides restaurants, cafés, and cafeterias from Ottawa to London with appliances that will:

  • Increase a kitchen’s capacity for food preparation
  • Improve the taste and texture of prepared food
  • Create a positive impression among customers and staff
  • Speed up cooking times and hold hot food for longer

Deliver cooking power in your kitchen with Celco’s range of professional appliances. From commercial ovens to combination ovens and heated display cabinets, all of Celco’s products are backed by a warranty commitment that ensures performance and quality.

Commercial Ovens and Microwaves

Take advantage of improved capacity and programmable settings. Mississauga and Toronto establishments can prepare, cook, and warm food in minutes using commercial microwaves instead of waiting for traditional restaurant ovens.

Celco’s range of restaurant equipment features commercial microwaves with customized settings that allow food to be cooked fast with a single button. Programmable settings can be saved to ensure the same results are achieved each and every time.

  • 1000-Watt Microwave Ovens: These are designed for smaller restaurant kitchens in areas such as London or Hamilton that will use the appliance less than 60 times a day. Models include ovens with a 1,000-watt touchpad option and dial timer built to withstand ongoing use.
  • Compact Microwaves: Kitchens in smaller cities like Mississauga and Hamilton will benefit from reliable compact microwaves without sacrificing space. Ovens can be stacked, don’t require large installs and can be wiped daily without major maintenance.
  • High-Capacity Microwaves: Busy kitchens require microwaves that can keep up with customer demand and heavy use. Celco’s range of models include microwaves from 1,100 to 2,100 watts that can cook 20 times faster.
  • Pizza Ovens: Commercial pizza ovens decrease cooking times without compromising the quality of each slice.

Heated Display Cabinets

Keep bakery food and entrees warm with heated displays at your Toronto restaurant or store’s point of purchase. Customers will find it hard to turn down hot and fresh pizza slices, muffins and other treats that are on display and ready to eat.

Celco’s commercial food equipment offerings include four models of heated displays to choose from in 12 different sizes. This includes refrigerated, heated and dual-temperature models with options for humidity control depending on the type of food being displayed. Front glass shapes feature curved and straight options for varying heat circulation. Front and back access points enable staff and customers with entry to the cabinet. Other options include:

  • Countertop Displays: With one power supply, they can be placed wherever is convenient.
  • Drop-in Displays: These are mounted and fit to a counter with heating mechanisms that are hidden from view.
  • Floor Displays: A permanent fixture designed for high-volume use.

High-Speed Ovens

Cook food faster with powerful, compact ovens that won’t compromise your food’s taste and texture. Celco’s options for commercial food equipment near Ontario include high-speed ovens that operate up to 20 times faster than regular grills and convection ovens.

Designed for high-volume environments that require a lot of food, Celco provides high-speed ovens for hotels, cafeterias and hospitals across Ontario. The various models include options to suit the unique power and capacity needs of each business. The digital displays allow for 10 programmable menu items and the ovens include five different power levels. Available models include:

  • Convection Ovens: Circulate air with a robust fan and exhaust system.
  • Impingement: Shorten cooking time with superheated air jets that create a grilled look.
  • Infrared: Also known as radiant cooking, these ovens use a gentle cooking approach for delicate dishes like fish and dessert.
  • Microwaves: Fast and efficient cooking with even temperature distribution and no cold spots.

Celco is Your Commercial Food Service Equipment Manufacturer in Toronto

Take advantage of kitchen appliances that will make your commercial kitchen more efficient without sacrificing food quality. Food-service establishments in the province from Ottawa across to London rely on Celco for professional equipment that is backed by a service commitment warranty.

Contact us by emailing or calling 1-866-772-3526 to explore your options for ovens, microwaves and heated display cabinets.

Be sure to ask our customer service representatives about booking a demonstration to see for yourself how new or upgraded professional equipment could be benefitting your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment


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