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Restaurant Supplies In Quebec City

When trying to find the best options when it comes to your commercial food equipment, you want to make sure you're dealing with the top professionals. The quality of the commercial kitchen equipment you use can affect your restaurant's success in a number of ways. Let's look at some of the benefits of having great restaurant equipment.


Quality food service equipment directly affects the quality of the food served. Our commercial kitchen supply dealers in Quebec City offer all the best brands. Are you running a pizzeria? Look into options like the Rocket Express High Speed Pizza Oven or Chef Express High Speed Oven.


Restaurant owners in Quebec need equipment that's built to last and holds up to industry standards. For example, Celcook Microwave ovens are able to handle the rigors of busy services night in and night out. We also offer parts and labor warranties for your kitchen equipment, so if something does fail, we have you covered.

Restaurant Supplies in Quebec City

What To Look For

So, how do you decide where to go for restaurant supply in Quebec City? It's not a bad idea to follow the top names in your industry, and the chances are that means working with Celco and our dealer network, a partner for many of the top establishments in the city/region.

Customer Service

To give you an example, let's say that you were looking for a storage bin for ice. You want to be certain you work with Celco for a product like the Ice-O-Matic series. Not only do we give you top-of-the-line features, but also top-notch customer service. You want a Quebec City food equipment distributor that goes above and beyond to hear and incorporate your feedback.


Another important item to consider for Quebec restaurant owners is warranty options and service support. Whether you have a Silver King lettuce crisper or Meister Cook TT holding unit, we have professionals available near you so you can have the confidence of knowing that help will be available should any equipment malfunction. Warranties also come standard to increase your confidence in the products' durability. 

Shipping Capability

Thinking that you may need to restock a Powersoak Produce Wash unit? We are ready to serve the greater Quebec City/Quebec area. This means if you need to order equipment for your restaurant in an emergency, we have you covered with all your preferred brands from the Celco umbrella. Never worry about having to stall or shut down service due to a sudden kitchen equipment malfunction.

Whether it's fast food or fine dining, it is clear that getting top quality restaurant supplies in Quebec City is key to running a fantastic restaurant. Buying the best brands from experienced suppliers is the key to success. Contact Celco now to get in touch with your local representative.



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