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About Celco

With over 45 years of experience, Celco is a leading Canada-wide distributor of commercial food service equipment. Celco's products offer superior quality, and Celco adds value by providing customized food consultation services, multiple inventory centres, and rapid access to parts and service, all in every region of Canada.

Celco serves restaurant equipment and institutional food service markets through a national dealer network. Celco has notable expertise in the healthcare market, including hospitals, long-term-care facilities, and nursing and retirement homes. Celco's products are also found in many fast-food chains, fine-dining restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, pubs, golf courses, schools, and government institutions.

Celco distributes products made by manufacturers that share a commitment to the best in customer service. Celco people supporting them continually invest in product knowledge and regularly provide constructive feedback to suppliers to help ensure the best solutions for food service operators.

Celco's people, who are regarded as the best in their areas of expertise, have a common purpose – to provide the best possible customer experience in the industry. Celco cheerfully goes the extra mile without being asked and strives to get there first. Celco does this for every customer, large or small, every day.

Celco's business is also distinguished in the following ways, allowing the company to optimally serve its dealers and end customers:

  • Inventory centres from coast to coast – Celco's central inventory centre in Mississauga stocks equipment and spare parts in large quantities for immediate shipment. Local inventory centres in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Winnipeg and Atlantic Canada also provide same-day delivery. Celco's warehouse network eliminates the delays and cost penalties often associated with small orders or truck loads from coast to coast.
  • Food applications consultant – Celco supports its dealers and their customers with cooking demonstrations, menu consultation and food testing. Celco's training programs include programming for a "Touch-to-Start" operation, easy-to-use literature, and staff seminars.
  • Showroom and demonstration area – Celco has a large area used as a showcase for equipment along with a test kitchen for demonstrations and presentations.
  • Service network across the country – Celco understands the importance of after-sales service and support. Our authorized service representatives are located across Canada and are selected for their ability to service our equipment. Their technical expertise ensures that warranty and other parts and service needs are always taken care of efficiently and rapidly.
  • Comprehensive systems – Celco's management information system provides real-time information on inventory and order status to ensure on-time deliveries of the right part or piece of equipment, every time. Celco takes pride in exceeding customer expectations on every order.
  • Sales support – Knowledgeable and experienced sales personnel assist customers in selecting the correct piece of equipment to satisfy the most exacting requirements.

A Letter from the President:

Celco's mission is to provide customers and end users with an exceptional experience with the foodservice equipment that we sell.  There is lot that has gone into this commitment for over four decades, but ultimately it is underpinned by our devotion to service in the broadest of senses.  This means offering:

  • A large selection of applications and brands to meet a wide range of kitchen-equipment needs;
  • Advising people on how alternative appliances can meet foodservice establishments' requirements instead of merely selling product;
  • Managing our supply chain and inventory for customer convenience;
  • Administering warranties for both our own brands and those of other manufacturers to eliminate end-user pain points;
  • Tailoring solutions to specific requests;
  • and much more.

We truly understand that foodservice operators try to solve for many variables when making capital purchases.  Optimizing among aims of increasing cooking or prep speed, economizing on labour or energy, extending asset life, broadening the menu, and adding new sources of revenue, among other objectives, is a challenge we can help you conquer with our numerous solutions and highly trained and experienced professionals.

I worked for other organizations before being hired by Celco's founder over 20 years ago and have remained with this company because it aligns with my personal values of supporting people I work with.

If you are looking for a relationship with an equipment vendor that wants to help dealers and their clients make the right investments and service them over the long run, then my colleagues and I would be delighted to speak with you.

We look forward to answering your questions and addressing your food service equipment requirements. Take a look at our website and learn more about the company, its products, services, and capabilities. We invite you to contact us at or click here for another contact method.
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