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Ultra-Universal Heated Holding - HLC-2127-6 WR

Ultra-Universal Heated Holding - HLC-2127-6 WR

Model No: HLC-2127-6 WR
Height: 32" (813 mm)
Width: Radiant Heat
Depth: 26.5" (673 mm)
Weight : 200 lbs. (90 kg)
Spec Sheets:  English  


Ultra-Universal Heated Holding - Wire Rack Wire Rack accommodates 12" x 20" Pans, GN1/1 Pans, and GN 2/1 Pans at 1.5" (38mm) spacings. Shelves are included. Shelves are adjustable and removable allowing for banquet plates, 18" x 26" sheet trays, baker’s pans, or versatile shapes and sizes of trays and pans. Radiant Heat System Simple to operate. These cabinets hold bulk foods “kitchen-fresh” for hours. Thermometer displays compartment temperature at all times to assure food safety.