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Spaceman - 6455H - Frozen Beverage Machine - Countertop

Spaceman - 6455H - Frozen Beverage Machine - Countertop

Model No: 6455H
Height: 32.7"
Width: 18.8"
Depth: 25.7"
Weight : 218 lbs
Spec Sheets:  English  
Manuals:  English  


The 6455H is a two flavor frozen beverage machine great for medium capacity applications. Pre-cooling in the hopper means that this model is approved for dairy, so it is extremely versatile! Dual controls allow the operator to serve different products from either side of the machine, varying the menu with yummy options like milkshakes, smoothies, frozen coffee drinks, margaritas or slush. The convenient counter-top model has a 110V connection good for gas stations, restuarants and bars, mobile units or catering businesses. Patented freezing technology makes for a super fast recovery time in the 4qt cylinder, producing 25 qts/hr or 100 drinks every hour.

Key Features

Freezing Cylinder
Two, 3.8 Liter (4 quarts)

Mix Hopper
Two, 8 Liters (8.5 quarts)
Refrigerated to maintain mix below 4.4ºC (40ºF)
Approved for dairy and non-dairy products.

Indicator Lights
Add Mix light alerts the operator to add mix. When Mix Out light turns ON, the unit automatically shuts down to prevent damage.

Automatic Consistency Control
Specially designed viscosity control automatically maintains superior product quality. Adjustable control allows the operator to serve a wide variety of frozen beverages at the desired thickness.