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Keep Your Staff and Customers Safe with Live Occupancy Monitoring

As society debates how COVID-19 permanently affects behaviour, most would probably agree that more controlled retail settings will be with us for a long time, at least until a vaccine becomes readily available. Sanitizing hands frequently and wearing masks in store are two oft-cited measures, but these will have a limited effect without reliably controlling the flow of people.

Most shops have adopted the sensible, but very expensive approach of stationing an employee at entry and exit points to monitor the number of patrons inside their premises. For establishments with a single point of access, this amounts to a weekly incremental cost of almost $700, assuming only minimum wage, a level that can easily grow with multiple access points and higher incomes.

What is a retailer to do? How can it afford paying out $35,000 - $100,000 of additional annual compensation when required to operate at reduced capacity, if not by law but simply by prudent practice of public health?

Celco has an answer, and it’s called SafeCountTM. SafeCountTM is a social distancing monitoring system that digitally tracks the number of people entering and exiting retail establishments. It is designed to facilitate social distancing by providing store management with easily monitored and live occupancy counts, including providing graphical data on patterns throughout the day and alerts as to when building capacity is approached or reached, all through a simple dashboard on a WIFI enabled device. Optional traffic signals and audio alerts let customers know when it is safe to enter a building.

SafeCountTM offers versatile social distancing equipment. In addition to its obvious application to foodservice locations and supermarkets, it may be used for any kind of structure, including office complexes, malls, hospitals, schools, and food processors. Installation is quick and easy, and functionality is enabled by an organization’s WIFI network.

Learn more here about SafeCountTM. Please call your Celco sales rep to start keeping your space safe for an excellent value with expert social distancing products.

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