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Selecting the Right Commercial Cooking Equipment for Your Business’s Success

Using the right commercial kitchen equipment has a huge impact on your kitchen’s ability to quickly and efficiently produce the large quantities of food you need for your customers. Is your commercial kitchen equipped with the best professional kitchen equipment to support your business’ success?

Designed for Frequent Usage
It’s important to choose commercial kitchen equipment and commercial cooking equipment specifically designed for commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchen equipment is made to handle the frequent usage and large quantities of food that commercial kitchens require. Non-commercial kitchen equipment is sometimes less expensive, but it’s not large or powerful enough to keep up, and you may end up paying more in maintenance and replacement costs.

Energy Efficient
Cooking can use up a lot of energy, which is why it’s important that your commercial cooking equipment be energy efficient. It’s also important to use the most energy efficient methods of cooking possible. For instance, warming food in a commercial microwave is faster and consumes less energy than warming food in an oven.

Meets Food Safety Requirements
Food made in commercial kitchens must meet specific safety requirements to ensure the food is safe for consumption. This includes making sure the food being served is cooked and/or chilled properly. Cooking food using designated commercial cooking equipment, such as a powerful commercial microwave, can help ensure the food you prepare is thoroughly cooked.

Made for Commercial Kitchens
Domestic kitchen equipment isn’t designed for the heavy usage and high volume of food required by commercial kitchens. This means it’s a much less efficient cooking option for your kitchen. What’s more, manufacturers of domestic equipment won’t honour warranties when their products are used in commercial kitchens, as they weren’t designed for that purpose.

Maintenance and Reliability
Maintenance costs should always be considered when looking to purchase new commercial kitchen equipment and commercial cooking equipment. You should also consider the reliability of the product and brand. If something goes wrong, you want to limit downtime and ensure your professional kitchen equipment can be repaired quickly, without having to source hard-to-find parts. Celcook commercial microwaves are manufactured by Celco, Canada’s premier professional kitchen equipment brand. When you buy a Celcook commercial microwave for your kitchen, you know you’re getting a high-quality Celco product with a lifetime warranty. And should a problem arise, we have certified service providers across Canada who can repair your Celcook product.

If you need reliable, efficient, and high quality commercial cooking equipment, Celcook has the commercial microwave oven range you need to support your commercial kitchen’s success. Celcook products are designed by Celco, Canada’s leading distributor of professional kitchen equipment. Celcook’s commercial cooking equipment and Celco’s professional kitchen equipment are found in reputable kitchens across Canada, such as the healthcare market, fast-food chains, fine restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, pubs, golf courses, schools, and government institutions. Contact us for more information about our product lineup and to purchase a Celcook product for your kitchen.