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Know More About Silver King- Commercial Foodservice Equipment

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to the food service industry. The more efficient daily operations are, the higher your productivity rate is. One factor that makes a huge difference in creating an efficient environment is having the right commercial equipment for your kitchen.

Do I Need Commercial Food Service Equipment?

There are plenty of options when it comes to food service equipment. However, not all can withstand the demands of commercial kitchens. Most commercial kitchens deal with high-volume production in a fast-paced environment on a daily basis. Using residential kitchen equipment runs the risk of breaking down in a commercial environment. This not only disrupts your daily operations but also makes you susceptible to fire risks and other potential harmful situations.

If you’re looking for refrigeration solutions, no other equipment does it better than Silver King products.

Types of Silver King Products

Freezers and refrigerators are vital to lowering food costs, maintaining food safety, and more. With Silver King, you can expect products that are designed for even the most demanding environments. At Celco, we offer a wide range of food service equipment to satisfy your diverse needs. Here are three of our top choices.

Silver King - SKDL18-RDUS4 - 17" Mobile Refrigerator with Drawers

Diners are always looking for freshness when it comes to their food. With these high-quality, cold-holding refrigerators, your produce will remain fresh for a long time.

Some of the key features include:

· Exterior stainless steel with a galvanized bottom, preventing corrosion

· Heavy-duty soft casters with two locks for ease of placement

· Maximum durability with minimum energy waste due to its polyurethane insulation

· Cold wall refrigeration for optimum temperature control

Silver King - SKDL25-ESUS2 - Lettuce Crisper/Dispenser

Nothing ruins a meal faster than produce that’s doesn’t showcase the qualities that it should. With this type of cold-holding refrigerator, you’re sure to keep lettuce fresh and crisp for days. It can store up to 50 heads of lettuce with its high-efficiency refrigeration system.

Silver King - SKF27A-EDUS1 - 27" Front Breathing Drawer Units

The units are designed to promote efficiency within commercial kitchen environments. They make use of the space underneath countertops or prep stations. Strategically store your essentials throughout your space and make it accessible to you. These units feature:

· High-density insulation

· Eco-friendly refrigerant

· Heavy-duty construction

· Easy-to-clean surfaces

Your Top Source for Premium Silver King Products

Are you looking to boost your kitchen’s daily operations? Investing in premium food service equipment is the best thing that you can do for your business.

At Celco, we offer a selection of high-quality equipment for the food service industry. We carry the best brands on the market, like Silver King. With your needs in mind, we carry equipment that makes daily operations more convenient and efficient. Business owners can rely on these enough to shift their focus on running a successful food service establishment.

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