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Commercial Kitchen Equipment You’ll Ever Need

The food service industry is one of the world's most competitive and highly populated markets. A lot goes into running a successful restaurant, café, or commercial kitchen. Thriving in this industry is more than just having a passion for food. It requires the right understanding, marketing ability, and delivery of high-quality, delicious food items to the public.

Creating delicious, high-quality dishes isn’t just about having the best recipe and the freshest ingredients. It’s also about executing them using top-of-the-line commercial kitchen equipment.

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Supply & Food Service Equipment

Every restaurant, café, or food business is unique. With each having unique products and specialties, it’s no surprise that their needs are also specific to them. As such, it’s important to understand these unique needs to determine the right equipment for your kitchen.

At Celco, we offer a wide array of food service equipment, regardless of kitchen type and size. Whether you operate a hotel kitchen, cafe, or pizzeria, we have reliable and efficient tools for you. In this blog, we’ll look at the restaurant supplies and equipment that every commercial kitchen needs.

7 Commercial Kitchen Equipment You Need

1. Commercial Freezers & Refrigerators

Cold storage is a key component of any kitchen – professional or otherwise. It ensures that your food items are kept fresh. Freezers are also essential for maintaining food safety standards within your kitchen for long-term purposes.

At Celco, we offer a selection of commercial freezers and refrigerators, including:

· Merchandisers and coolers

· Chest freezers

· Refrigerated prep tables

· Ice cream equipment

2. Professional Cooking Ranges & Ovens

Ranges and ovens play a central role in any commercial kitchen. With such an important job, it’s important to invest in reliable, long-lasting ranges and commercial microwave oven. At Celco, we help clients with precise cooking and baking solutions.

3. Food Preparation Equipment

Food prep equipment, like steamers, slicers, and mixers, allows for a safer and more efficient kitchen environment. This helps streamline your processes and create a more organized daily operation.

4. Ventilation Systems

Proper ventilation is crucial to people’s health and safety. Additionally, they reduce the risk of dishes being contaminated. With Celco’s ventilation system, you can be sure to have a more comfortable workspace.

5. Commercial Dishwashers

As far as commercial kitchen equipment is concerned, dishwashers are a must-have. They keep your dinnerware and tools clean, maintaining hygiene standards and allowing quick turnover. Commercial dishwashers also save time by making operations more efficient.

6. Display & Merchandising

Another key element of restaurant equipment is displays. This lets you showcase your various offerings, whether food, beverage, or dessert. From heated display cases to commercial freezer displays, Celco has a ton of options for you.

7. Beverage Equipment

The addition of beverage equipment makes it easier for food service providers to serve a variety of beverages to their customers. Whether you need beverage dispensers for coffee, juice, and other drinks, Celco can offer a range of choices for you.

Your Source of High-Quality Restaurant Supply & Food Service Equipment

Having the best tools and equipment at your disposal can make a huge difference in how you deliver culinary experiences. At Celco, we offer a wide range of high-end equipment from top suppliers. Get the best from the best today!

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