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Celco's Comprehensive Range: Diving into the Varied Food Warming Equipment for Every Corner of the Food Service Industry

Food safety is a crucial element in the food service industry. It protects consumers from any food-borne illnesses and providers from any food-related liabilities.

One of the ways kitchens can adhere to food safety standards is to maintain proper food temperature. Keeping food at the right temperature isn’t just the law. It also ensures patrons will always have a pleasant dining experience.

Restaurant owners invest in high-quality food warmers and commercial refrigerators to be able to manage and monitor food temperatures. Warmers live by their name by keeping food warm, which prevents food from drying out or spoiling. The latter, on the other hand, keeps food cold, as certain foods can carry harmful bacteria when kept at room temperature for too long.

In this blog, we’ll be focusing on food warming equipment and how it can help the food service industry.

Types of Food Warmers & Holding Equipment Canada

At Celco, we understand the diverse requirements of food service providers in Canada. We are committed to delivering a wide range of products to satisfy their holding equipment needs.

Professional design, top-notch functionality, and durability are what you can look forward to with Celco’s line of Celcook Heated Display Cases, microwave ovens and FWE Products.

Celcook Heated Display Cases

Celco offers high-quality heated cabinets in various styles and capacities, whether countertop or floor display cases. These pieces of equipment are designed not just for keeping food at the right temperature, but also to be aesthetically pleasing. This attracts customers to the food displayed and encourages impulse purchases.

Aside from food safety, Celcook heated display cases also make kitchen operations more efficient. By allowing patrons to select the food items they are interested in, and having them prepared already, allows the kitchen to deliver food items that are made fresh at a quicker pace. Warmers are best used in cafes, delis, and various restaurants.

To know more about our selection of Celcook Heated Display Cases, keep reading here.

FWE Food Warmers

If you’re looking for more specialized warmers, our FWE products are sure to be of help. This includes:

· Heated Banquet Cabinets

· Heated Compartments

· Correctional Tray Transports

· Ovens

· Proofer-Heaters

The FWE line of food-warming tools caters to different types of kitchens, from industrial to fine dining kitchens, correctional facilities, and more. It’s always important to have a wide range of options when it comes to kitchens with diverse requirements. With FWE products, you can choose equipment that suits your menu, volume, and other service needs.

Discover more of FWE products here.

Your Top Choice for Professional Food Warmers & Holding Equipment in Canada

As one of Canada’s leading food service equipment providers, we carry high-quality, top-performing equipment for your kitchen needs. We offer tools and appliances designed to improve daily operations, promote safety, and elevate your space.

At Celco, we are committed to delivering excellent products that provide excellent results. Aside from top-notch kitchen gear, we offer superb customer service. Whether you operate a large kitchen or a small café, we’re here to help.

From commercial refrigerators to heated displays, dispensing equipment, and more, Celco has what you need. Call us to learn more and get a free consultation with our expert sales reps!