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How Can I Use My Commercial Pizza Oven to Maximize Profit in My Restaurant?

If you’re looking into a commercial pizza oven for your restaurant, your business is bound to benefit in many ways. From offering a wide variety of great-tasting pizza to being able to serve more customers — and do it quickly — your restaurant’s profits are sure to grow.

Here are several ways that you can use your pizza oven to boost business in your restaurant.


Offer a Variety of Pizzas that Taste Great

Gone are the days of serving only one or two types of delicious pies. Thanks to the power of commercial pizza ovens with programmable settings, you can expand your restaurant menu and offer a wide variety of tasty pizzas.

Handy features on the Forza STi 16” Pizza Oven, for example, allow you to program up to 1,024 recipes with eight steps. A USB port to upload and download recipes makes this process simple. When your kitchen staff is ready to cook, they can quickly execute their desired recipe and achieve the same great results every time.

Prepare Pizza Quickly and Serve More Guests

With precisely controlled impinged air and infrared element, your Forza STi 16” Pizza Oven will deliver increased heat transfer rates. This means your cook times will be up to 50 percent faster than traditional ovens! You’ll be able to serve guests quickly and efficiently to reduce their wait times. Plus, with a quicker turnover, you could be serving more guests in less time to boost your profits.

On top of this, select pizza ovens come as stackable models. You can deliver ultimate cooking power in your professional kitchen with more than one oven producing mouth-watering pizza pies.

Keep Customers Coming Back Thanks to Your Commercial Kitchen Pizza Oven

With so many great-tasting pizzas on your menu, along with fast and reliable service, your restaurant is sure to receive positive reviews. This could be just the tactic that keeps your current customers, and more new customers, coming back for more.

Complement Your Commercial Kitchen Pizza Oven with a Heated Display Cabinet

Once you’ve used your oven to produce quality pies, if you’re looking for a way to tempt guests on the go, a heated display cabinet is the answer. You can quickly serve walk-in customers with pizza that is hot and fresh. When customers know that you have delicious food ready to devour, they’ll be sure to drop in time and time again for your delicious, freshly made slices.

Choose Celcook for Restaurant Pizza Ovens in Canada

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