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5 Key Tips for Opening a New Restaurant Serving Pizza

Opening any type of restaurant comes with a long list of considerations. From your marketing to recipes, layout, and menu, there are many factors that will help your restaurant succeed.

If you’re planning to include pizza on your menu, the mouth-watering dish is sure to attract customers. However, it’s important that you plan accordingly. Selecting a commercial pizza oven that suits your restaurant is critical.

Below are five things to consider when it comes to selecting an industrial pizza oven for your new restaurant.

1. Is a Commercial Pizza Oven Necessary?

Quality food and timely service are two important features that diners look for in a restaurant. A pizza oven can help you deliver on those objectives. The oven can help you reduce cooking times with no compromise on quality. With an industrial oven, your new restaurant will be equipped to serve both pizza and success.

2. What is the Layout of Your Kitchen?

As you plan the layout and equipment for your commercial kitchen, be sure to factor in space for your industrial pizza oven. The options for ovens differ in size. Plus, some ovens could need extra room to disperse heat. You will also want to ensure your kitchen utility connections will support the oven you choose.

3. How Often Will You Use Your Commercial Pizza Oven?

Ask yourself if pizza is going to be the star of your menu. Your oven choice will vary depending on how much pizza your kitchen plans to produce. You will want to ensure your oven supports your level of production. In high-volume pizza environments where you need to prepare plenty of pies fast, an oven that reduces cooking times is essential.

4. Which Oven Features Does Your Restaurant Need?

There are many options on the market when it comes to pizza ovens. The features of each oven vary, allowing you to select an oven that suits your kitchen specifically. From uploading and downloading recipes to being easy to clean, you’ll want to consider features that will support your restaurant.

5. What is Your Budget?

Much like the list of available features, the cost of industrial pizza ovens also varies. There are plenty of choices when it comes to pizza ovens. Determining your budget ahead of time can help to narrow down your options.

Commercial Pizza Ovens in Canada

Planning the opening of your new restaurant is an exciting time. As you prepare for your big launch, Celcook, located in Mississauga, ON, can help when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment.

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