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Ultra-Universal Heated Holding - HLC-UA-4-4

Ultra-Universal Heated Holding - HLC-UA-4-4

Model No: HLC-UA-4-4
Height: 32" (813 mm)
Width: Radiant Heat
Depth: 26.5" (673 mm)
Weight : 250 lbs. (104 kg)
Spec Sheets:  English  


Split Cavity Heated Holding Features two (2) individual compartments each with separate controls. Perfect for holding and separating different menu items in one convenient unit. HLC Series With Universal Tray Slides Tray Slides are adjustable and removable allowing for 18" x 26" sheet trays, baker’s pans, half size, versatile shapes and sizes of trays and pans. Universal Tray Slides support base of tray or pan. Radiant Heat System Simple to operate. These cabinets hold bulk foods “kitchen-fresh” for hours. Thermometer displays compartment temperature at all times to assure food safety.