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Tray Drying Racks

Tray Drying Racks

Model No: Tray Drying Racks
Height: 75”
Width: 25”
Length: 42”
Weight: 320


  • Removable tray rack slants in the center and has a perforated bottom for quick and efficient drainage
  • Shelves also include perforated drain holes for fast draining
  • Holds tray 14" x 18", 15" x 20" and 16" x 22"
  • Maximum tray thickness is 2-1/2"
  • 17" shelf clearance
  • 14-gauge stainless steel frame and "L" supports increase stability to prevent accidents and spills
  • 11-gauge all welded stainless steel base ensures superior strength and balance
  • 5" corner stem No-Mark polyurethane casters offer flexibility to move rack from sink to storage area

Key Features

  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel model available for sanitary drying and transport of sheet pans
    Specification Sheet - FTDR56
    Specification Sheet - FTDR80