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Moisture-Temp Heated Holding - MT-1220-30

Moisture-Temp Heated Holding - MT-1220-30

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Model No: MT-1220-30
Height: 26.75" (679 mm)
Width: Heated and Humidified Holding Cabinet for Short-Term Holding for Moisture Sensitive Foods
Depth: 42" (1067 mm)
Weight : 300 lbs. (136 kg)
Spec Sheets:  English  


Moisture-Temp Heat System Moisture-Temp Heat System features separate “air moisture” and “air temperature” controls. Moisture-Temp Cabinets are designed to hold all your moisture sensitive foods longer and safer. Pan Server Rails Accommodate: (1) 12" x 20", (1) Gastro-Norm 1/1 pans. Combinations of deep and shallow pans may be used with varying capacities. The front edges are relieved for easy loading. Pair of racks are removable for easy cleaning.