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Mobile Handy Heated Compartments - HLC-5H-15

Mobile Handy Heated Compartments - HLC-5H-15

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Model No: HLC-5H-15
Height: 27.5'' (698 mm)
Width: Radiant Heat
Depth: 52'' (1321 mm)
Weight : 260 lbs. (117 kg)
Spec Sheets:  English  


Triple Compartment Series For 12" x 20" and Gastro-Norm 1/1 Bulk Food Pans These compact units can be neatly placed under counters, or be used as a flexible extension of your kitchen for cafeterias, catering and tray make-up stations. With three individually controlled compartments, serve combinations of foods from the same versatile cabinet. Food preparation and food processing are fast and convenient. Move it where you need it! Use this generous 52" x 27" (1321 x 686mm) stainless steel top as work surface, increasing operational efficiency in a variety of institutional applications. Simple and dependable heat system holds bulk foods “kitchen-fresh” for hours. Each compartment is independently controlled and fully insulated. Thermometer displays cabinet temperature at all times to assure food safety. You have the flexibility to use each compartment as a heated or ambient section – add a cold plate for chilled foods! Models hold 15, 21, 24 each 2.5" and 65mm deep pans. FWE all welded construction and high quality features make these little workhorses virtually indestructible!