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E-Z Serve 8-Pump / 4-Product Condiment Counter

E-Z Serve 8-Pump / 4-Product Condiment Counter

Model No: 70200
Height: 47
Width: 50.25
Length: 27.5
Weight: 460


Eliminate expensive condiment packets. This system combines the convenience of economical volpak condiment pouches with the simplicity of manual pumps. No electrical power or refrigeration is needed, and there is no need to deal with CO2 tanks and clogging mechanical pumps. Uses convenient, economical Cryovac pouches, preventing waste and theft. Durable, easy to use dispensers are within reach of teens and adults. Pumps can be cleaned in place, or easily disassemble for cleaning. Pumps can be mounted in either direction. Locking doors provide easy access to the interior. Doors are located on the serving side for quick access when placed against a wall. Cart is sized for maneuvering into elevators, down corridors and into serving areas. Stainless steel interior and exterior are easy to clean and sanitize.

Key Features

  • Instantly creates a complete, mobile condiment station. Utilizes easy-to-clean, trouble-free manual pump dispensers.