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Comark - N5001 - HACCP Auditor - Celco

Comark - N5001 - HACCP Auditor

Model No: N5001


Maintain all your Food Safety and HACCP records in one convenient database. Eliminate clipboards and manual record-keeping. The N5001 is a unique data management tool for all aspects of a food service or food processing operation. You can record temperatures at receiving, storage, prep, hot holding or cold holding plus incorporate the many other checklists you've been filling out by hand. All this with a simple series of screens that are unique to your operation. Design them yourself with our free-form software. Designed for today's busy restaurant kitchens, food processing facilities and storage areas, Comark's line of thermometers and related temperature and humidity instruments lead the industry. Prevent the outbreak and spread of foodborne illness with Comark's range of monitoring and recording instruments, which offer accurate and tamper-proof 24/7 recording of key parameters to augment your HACCP and food safety program.

Key Features

  • Corrective Action selections ensure that failures are corrected immediately
  • Filter data to quickly fi nd or analyze nonconformances
  • Auditor data is in real time and is tamper-proof
  • Export to Excel or Access for reporting to upper management
  • Simulation sequence allows you to fi ne-tune any changes before you fi nalize a program
  • Instruction screens can be included to aid in employee training
  • Programming offered via special quotation
  • K-Type thermocouple probes with 8-pin socket for secure attachment
  • Range: -325° to 1200°F
  • Accuracy with probe: ▒2°F
  • Large, backlit graphic display
  • BioCote« antimicrobial protection
  • Waterproof and rugged IP67 case
  • Battery: 2 x AA Alkaline


N5001 Auditor Product Line

  • N5001 - Auditor
  • CRS/6 - Protective Rubber Boot
  • SWAUDITOR - Auditor Software
  • ADP52 - Communications lead
  • ADP55 - USB to Serial Port Connector
  • MC28 - Hard Carrying Case
  • PK19L8 - Auditor Penetration Probe with 1.6mm tip
  • PK24L8 - Auditor Penetration Probe with 3.3mm tip
  • SK22L8 - Auditor Surface Probe with 45° Crank


Note: The Auditor probes require a special 8-pin connector and are not interchangeable with any other Comark probes or instruments.

  • Designed especially for the food industry, Comark instruments meet a number of key international standards. All key products are NSF certified so you can trust that they meet their published accuracy and specifications. Every component is food grade and manufactured in a sanitary facility.
  • IP ratings tell the user immediately how effectively the electrical instrument case protects against the ingress of dust and water.
  • The CE mark certifies that the product meets European health and safety regulations.