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Why Choose Nieco Broilers for Your Commercial Kitchen

Broilers are the perfect piece of heavy-duty kitchen equipment to make your commercial kitchen efficient, effective, and successful. They prepare all sorts of food products, from steak to vegetables to chicken. Although broilers are not as versatile, they are the best at what they do, which is why choosing the best of the best can elevate your kitchen tenfold.

Why choose Nieco? We are happy you asked! As a trusted, high-quality, and top-rated kitchen equipment manufacturer and supplier, Nieco is the perfect choice. Check out the following reasons as to why Nieco should be your business’s first and only choice when looking for a broiler.

Consistent Cooking. Consistently Great Taste

Having a successful food business is not only about serving great-tasting food. It is about serving great-tasting food each and every time someone eats at your business. Consistency will ensure that your impressed customers return time and time again.

Nieco’s patented BroilVention hybrid broiling technology utilizes the broiler’s heat and creates a combination of sensational cooking, natural convection, and forced air convection, resulting in a juicy, flame-broiled deliciousness every time.

Get Creative with Your Food Choices

Why invest in a broiler that limits your ability to cook amazing food for your customers? Nieco broilers in restaurants provide the flexibility to not only cook world-class burgers, which Nieco is known for, but also perfectly cook fish, vegetables, steak, chicken, kabobs, and so much more. If you are looking for a broiler that offers a wide variety of food service settings, Nieco is the right option for your commercial kitchen.

Hit New Speeds & Capacities with Nieco

Time is an essential ingredient in each meal. Not only is the perfect amount of time needed to cook the meal, but the food must also get out to customers in a timely fashion. Nieco’s automatic broilers get food out quickly without sacrificing any flavor. They are 40-50% faster than the average conventional grills, as the new BroilVection feature increases both the speed of cooking and the capacity of food it can handle. Impress your customers with both the speed at which they are served and the quality of the food.

Put Quality & Reliability First

With easy-to-use touchscreen controls and heavy-duty broiling elements, Nieco’s broilers are assembled with extreme care, user experience in mind, and attention to detail. An added feature is the BroilVection burner system, which removes the need for annual burner replacements. This feature increases the durability and longevity of Nieco broilers, even more than before.

Not only does Nieco prioritize high-quality materials for all products, but they also provide a limited 12-month parts and labor warranty for all purchased products. This unique worldwide service and distributor network provides local servicing, maintenance, troubleshooting, parts, and repairs from Nieco employees who have received extensive training.

Upgrade Your Commercial Kitchen with Celco

Are you ready to take your kitchen to the next level with the Nieco Automatic Broiler by Celco? Give us a call, and one of our representatives will be happy to discuss what is best for your business.