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What Professional Kitchen Equipment Do You Need?

Owning the right professional kitchen equipment is an important part of running a successful commercial kitchen. This includes equipment that will quicken the preparation and cooking processes, and enable you to store food properly and safely. There are several types of commercial food equipment to add to your kitchen to ensure that you’re prepared to serve every customer.

Small Equipment
The type and amount of small commercial food equipment you need depends on the type of restaurant you own. All kitchens need pots, pans, cutlery, cookware, cutting boards, and colanders. Fine dining establishments may need mixers, dicing equipment, marinating pans, meat grinders, blenders, dough rollers, bread slicers, and other specialized equipment.

Cooking and Warming Equipment
This includes professional kitchen equipment like ovens, ranges, stoves, fryers, and commercial microwaves. The type and size of the cooking equipment you need is dependent upon the volume of food cooked daily and your kitchen’s needs. You may also need to install a heating station and steam cabinets or table to keep cooked food warm before serving it to customers.

Cold Storage Equipment
All kitchens require equipment to store cold food, including freezers and refrigerators. Basic items like dairy, eggs, produce, and meats require refrigeration to stay fresh, and you may need to freeze large batches of food when cooked in advance. Most restaurants will require a walk-in refrigerator to store large quantities of food.

Self-Serve Equipment
Depending on the type of restaurant or cafeteria you own, self-service equipment can be a useful addition to your establishment because they quicken the serving process. A common example includes drink dispensers so customers can buy their drinks and fill their cups with juice, soda, or coffee. Some restaurants and cafeterias also have self-serve ice cream machines and salad bars.

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