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Tips for Cooking With Your Commercial Microwave

Whether you are operating a café, coffee shop, or a restaurant, or another type of professional kitchen, a commercial microwave is an essential piece of food warming equipment for reheating, defrosting, and steaming foods. Here are some of the top tips to consider when cooking with your commercial microwave:


When dealing with food warming equipment, make sure to evaluate your equipment before use. If you notice any warping or damage to your commercial microwave, this could indicate an issue that could affect the performance and safety. In this case, don’t use the microwave and contact a licensed service provider to appraise and fix the issue. Additionally, be sure to check that your microwave cookware is labelled as microwave safe. Metal objects and some plastics can’t be used in a commercial microwave, and can cause a possible explosion or malfunction within the microwave. You should also always make sure to keep oven mitts nearby to protect hands from hot containers, food, or steam.


Dealing with food can sometimes be a bit of a messy experience. It’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent splatters and explosions when using professional kitchen equipment. Make sure to cover any food that you put into the microwave, and some foods require steam holes (such as poking holes into a potato skin before cooking) to prevent explosions and splattering. Make sure to always clean your commercial microwave on a regular basis. You can do this by microwaving a bowl of water to soften any leftover residue, and then cleaning your microwave with hot soapy water. Make sure it’s always unplugged before cleaning and let it dry thoroughly before use.


It’s important to verify the necessary cooking times for each type of food before using your commercial microwave. There are very few foods that need to be microwaved for longer than ten minutes, with most foods averaging around four to five minutes. If you are heating up several food items in the microwave, make sure to spread them out so they’ll cook more evenly. It’s also best to stop the microwave halfway through the cooking time to rotate the food. By rotating, you can make sure the food is cooked evenly.

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