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Different Types of Commercial Freezers at Celco

For food-related businesses, freezers and refrigerators are essential pieces of equipment. They aren’t exclusively used to keep food cold or frozen; freezers and refrigerators also maintain the quality and freshness of your food items. When it comes to food safety standards, having the right freezers and commercial refrigerators in Canada is a must.

Celcold: Your Source of Top-of-the-Line Commercial Freezers

Looking for reliable and efficient refrigeration and freezing solutions? For years, Celco has been one of the leading providers of food service equipment in Canada. Our Celcold line brings you a wide array of cold storage and ice cream equipment for commercial use.

Each one of our units is designed to fulfill a range of needs for cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, and more. Here are a few product options that you can invest in for your business:

Angle Top Freezers

As the name suggests, these freezers feature an angled top with curved glass. If you’re looking for a stylish freezer offering excellent visibility, this is an excellent choice. Angle top units are perfect to display ice cream and other frozen food items, enticing customers to give the products a try.

They also come with display baskets and lid locks for convenient organization and security. Angle top freezers offer sufficient storage and functionality, which is ideal for convenience stores, commercial kitchens, and small cafes.

Countertop Refrigerator Units

Countertop units are great for establishments that offer chilled goods that need to be accessed quickly and easily. These units, as the name suggests, can be placed on kitchen or restaurant countertops. They are compact yet efficient, fitting seamlessly within your space. Countertop units make sure that your cold items are kept at the right temperature as mandated by food safety regulations.

Additionally, the way a countertop fridge can easily be accessed is great for driving more sales. These units let you put items on display, which is excellent for increasing impulse buying tendencies.

Upright Display Coolers

Aside from countertop refrigerators, we also have upright display coolers for your stores or restaurants. Our units are designed for optimal safeguarding of chilled food and beverage items. Conveniently monitor the temperature with their digital displays. Also, each has an illuminated upper signage area for your advertising needs.

Choose among single or double-door units, hinged or sliding doors, and more. Elevate your visual refrigeration displays and entice customers when you display your products in one of our upright display coolers!

Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

Showcase your extensive ice cream selection with Celcold ice cream dipping freezers. These cabinets allow people to see different ice cream flavours, which encourages them to make a purchase.

Our ice cream dipping cabinets are designed to preserve your ice cream’s texture and flavour while creating an eye-catching display. If you need high-quality ice cream equipment for your café, ice cream parlor, or dessert shop, this product is the right investment for you.

High-Quality Freezers and Commercial Refrigerators in Canada

Looking for commercial refrigerators or freezers for your restaurant, café, or store? Choose from the many available options Celco has in store for you.

From ice cream dipping cabinets to countertop units and more, we’re here to deliver. Call us today to learn more or book a demo with one of our sales reps now.