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Celcold: Best Commercial Refrigerators for Restaurants

If your business is in the hospitality industry, you likely know that your commercial freezers are your all-star players. They work the hardest, operate 24/7, lead to success, and play a crucial role in the health and safety of your guests.

Choosing the best is not an option but a necessity for your business. As with almost all other kitchen supplies, there is a wide range of choices and models when it comes to purchasing commercial freezer equipment. You must shop carefully and particularly to ensure you are meeting all your food storage needs.

With these things in mind, we have created a guide to the best commercial freezers, as well as elements that should factor into your decision.

Angle Top Freezers

Celcold’s angle top freezers are the ultimate merchandiser for frozen food products, such as ice cream. They are the ideal place to store or display frozen food or snacks at convenience stores, snack bars, specialty stores, and cafeterias. The angled top provides an elegant, sleek visual presentation, which maximizes impulse purchases of frozen food products. If you are looking to ensure your products are noticed, this is the display freezer for you!

Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

When it comes to commercial ice cream freezers, Celcold creates superior ice cream cabinets. Each dipping cabinet ensures that the frozen food products maintain their quality for years with a sealed sliding glass lid. The impregnated thermal glass offers better insulation, high visibility with LED lighting, and scratch resistance to ensure longevity of the product. Also, the interior of the freezer is made with stucco aluminum, which is bright, durable, easy to clean, and chip and crack resistant. When it comes to ice cream, choose Celcold to keep your business sweet.

Main Things to Consider When Buying a Freezer

Once you find the best commercial freezers available, you may be torn between two excellent options. Choosing one over the other may be a decision you don’t know how to make. We’ve got you covered! The following guidelines are a great way to find the right option for your business:

· Consider the capacity of the freezer, which refers to the amount of food that can be stored.

· Door alarms can be added to standard commercial freezers, which are an excellent way to prevent food from becoming spoiled due to the door being left open accidentally.

· Which option is more energy efficient? The energy that this kind of kitchen equipment uses can become pricey and environmentally unfriendly.

· Does the type of food you are planning to store need a particular kind of freezer?

· Make sure that you are protecting your business with a warranty.

· Do you need the freezer to be easily moved or will it be stagnant?

· If the freezer is used regularly, consider the user experience of it. Heavy doors or lids and tough latches or seals can become difficult to use over the course of many hours spent in the kitchen.

· Temperature control or display is useful for businesses that require food materials to be chilled or frozen at a particular temperature.

Finding the Best Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers in Canada

Celcold is Canada’s leading commercial freezer manufacturing company, which means you will find the perfect kitchen equipment for your business. At Celco, we guarantee superior products, multiple inventory centers for rapid delivery, food consultation services, and access to parts and services across Canada.

Speak to one of our representatives today to learn more about our commercial freezers in Canada.